Fat Dragon Coffee

The Raging Dragon

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Tasting Notes:

Cedar Wood, Dark Chocolate

Origin: Vietnam
Elevation 950m-1200m
Variety Canephora
Quantity 227g


This is Fat Dragons caffeine bursting 100% washed Robusta. We’ve worked hard to bring you something different, creating a smooth and creamy high caffeine coffee with a great body and a dark chocolate finish.


The Raging Dragon provides a 100% natural caffeine hit we all crave at the beginning of a long day or an early workout. You know those days when even your coffee needs a coffee? That typical Monday morning feeling, well this is the coffee to put an end to that. The Raging Dragon tastes great with milk as it has the ability to cut through it and still retain that coffee hit. This is the cup of coffee you’ll only need one of but you’ll have 3 because it tastes that good!