Fat Dragon Coffee

The Kenyan Dragon

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Tasting Notes:

Zingy Orange, Rich Chocolate

Origin: Kenya
Elevation: 1700m-1800m
Variety: Peaberry, Blue Mountain
Quantity: 227g


The Kenyan Dragon (Kenyan Blue Mountain) 

Si kila mtu katika kenya ni mkimbiaji...that’s Swahili for not everyone in Kenya is a runner, and did you know before marriage Kenyans pay a dowry to the bride's family which starts at 10 cows.

The Dragons have picked a blend of two exceptionally high Kenyan coffee’s grown at high elevations to develop sweet, citrus acidity and smooth coffee. The Kenyan AA bean adds zingy orange and rich chocolate to the tasting notes, where the Peaberry offers developed fruitiness and more depth of flavour to the tasting notes. Peaberry, is an anomaly within any type of coffee in which the coffee cherry only has one bean instead of two. About 10% of coffee cherries harvested are Peaberries. Peaberry beans, like the name implies, are generally smaller than their normal counterparts, but are also more dense, giving a unique concentrated take on the beans flavour.

As a black coffee this blend will be fruity clean and zingy with a short finish and a light body. Milk can also complement this coffee well because of its rich chocolaty notes, it gives a smooth cocoa-like flavour with a creamy aftertaste.