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Fat Dragon Single Origin Nespresso® Capsule Selection

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Our Single Origin Nespresso® capsule selection allows you to experience some of the exciting flavours and bold characters held within some the worlds most unique coffees. As an espresso unleashing some of these flavours can require some serious knowledge and skill. Lucky for you, we've taken care of all of this by creating four single origin Nespresso® compatible capsules which you can pop in to your expert barista; your Nespresso® machine.


Each of our Fat Dragons Single Origin Nespresso® capsules has its own unique qualities: cleanness, sweetness, acidity and complexity. We have combined these coffees into a unique collection featuring 8 capsules of each variety to showcase the unique flavours and character each origin has. 


32 Nespresso® Compatible Single Origin Pods.


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

The coffee grown around the town of Yirgacheffe in Southern Ethiopia has played an enormous role in the social and cultural life of the people in the area. The coffee produced here has an incredible distinctive flavour profile, characterised by aromatic floral notes, citrus acidity and featured berry fruits, combining to make the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe one of the most unique and exciting coffees in the world.

Grown close to the home of the first coffee bean, the people around the town of Yirgacheffe have passed on their traditional processing methods from generation to generation. Such unchanged methods of wet processing have been used to develop the long desired flavour notes the coffee has gained a reputation for offering.


Kenyan AA

Kenyan coffee has established a constant presence in the world of speciality coffee by producing some of the world’s finest Arabica beans, with the Kenyan AA coffee containing the largest of these beans after the milling process milling. 

These exciting beans are grown on the volcanic soils  and upon arrival are hand-sorted and fermented for up to 2 days. The use of traditional wet processing methods lead to the production of coffee with a full body and a heavy acidity combined with a gentle floral aroma, finishing with classic Kenyan notes of blackcurrant, blackberry and molasses.


Columbia Huila

Our single origin Columbian Huila Nespresso® pod is sourced from the northern tip of the mineral rich volcanic soils of the Andes mountains, amongst some of Colombia’s highest peaks. Such conditions lead to the production of abundantly fragrant coffee blooms amongst the lush land of the forests surrounding them, populated by butterflies, exotic flowers and the odd Fat Dragon spreading its wings.

What makes the Columbian Huila commonly featured amongst award winnings coffees of the world is the TLC its is shown. Yes even coffee needs some tender loving care and the farmers within the Hula region have long been recognised for their discipline and dedication to their coffee craft.



Distinguished by its full body and earthy flavours, the low acidity of Sumatran coffee provides a rich and exciting flavour profile. Our Fairtrade single origin capsule has a unique cedar and spice flavour, unrivalled in the coffee world. In the cup it produces a clean and bright acidity, with a mouthfeel so smooth it rivals a baby Dragons bottom!


The coffee within these capsules is found within the Lintong region, grown in the north central region of the island of Sumatra, close to the largest volcanic lake in the world, Lake Toba. The land in this region is situated on a high plateau which provides the necessary altitude for the growth of some of the finest arabica beans.