Wholesale Partners

Here at Fat Dragon Coffee, we roast some of the world’s highest quality and most intriguing coffees available, right here in the Welsh Valleys. We’re proud to offer them in a format that suits you (beans, ground, Nespresso pod) in our online store and to wholesale clients, including cafes, restaurants and gyms across the UK.

In the rugby pre-season of 2017 we decided to act on an issue we had been mulling over in the dressing room for a while. Why when we visit independent third-wave coffee shops does the coffee taste so much better than what we have available to us in the big chains, and even in our own homes?

Our aim was simple, to introduce our communities to Speciality Coffee and teach them how to achieve the same great taste we were experiencing.

We began by sourcing 3 very different high quality coffees from around the world and roasting them so their individual flavour profiles were highlighted in each sip from the cup. Through building repeatable recipes for each coffee our customers would be able to replicate the same great taste in their own homes, regardless of the coffees format.

The Team


Dillon is our resident Latte Artist and Sales & marketing apprentice to DJ Spice. An aspiring outside-half by trade, average golfer in his spare time and proud dog Dad to Bella. Pale, bald and never summer bod ready but he always manages to bring energy to every room he is in.

Coffee of choice: Long Black

Best coffee experience: Truth Coffee, Cape Town

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Brad is our coffee nerd and digital geek, full-time scrummager, part time computer programmer. He spends his spare time creating digital apps and chasing after his Cocker Spaniel across the beaches of South Wales.

Coffee of choice: Flat White

Best coffee experience: Ruby's Diner, Sydney

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Ian, aka DJ Spice

Spice is our marketing and PR guru. A quantity surveyor by trade, Spice has been a DJ in Cardiff and has run events in the area for over ten years. He took a stint off quantity surveying and spent two years as an operations manager for a group of restaurants. In his spare time Ian enjoys coaching football and spending time with his daughter Riley.

Coffee of choice: Cortado

Best coffee experience: Balzacs, Ontario

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Proudly roasted in Wales

We place a high value on how the coffee we roast is grown. The farmers we work with genuinely care about their local environment and the quality of the coffee they grow.

Once here in the UK, all our single origin and blends are roasted in the heart of Welsh Valleys by our team of skilled roasters.