Our Story

If you're reading this then it's likely we've got a mutual loving for good coffee. Have you ever been sat there thinking how important a person has to be before they're considered assassinated instead of murdered? Why didn't Jack just get on the door with Rose? How do you handcuff a one armed man? Does the devil really wear Prada? If you've ever thought about these questions then the coffee you're drinking probably isn't all that great. We haven't got all the answers, but we do have good coffee (that famous Colombian bloke would be proud of it).  


Fat Dragon Coffee was founded by two friends with the ambition of delivering the best possible tasting coffee for you to enjoy, be it ground, whole bean or our speciality coffee pod variety. Our aim is to provide the best quality coffee available for you to enjoy at home, work or on the go, in the most convenient format for you. 


Our love for the flavours coffee has to offer has grown day-by-day as we discover the new origins, processing methods, farmers and blends our world has to offer. Great quality coffee comes from a range of origins such as Latin America, Indonesia, East Africa and Asia, with each origins produce producing intriguingly different flavours. Quality is determined at source with each generation of farmers educating the next on how to achieve the highest possible quality coffee. Many coffee farmers have traditional techniques unique to their geography which help produce the unique flavours their beans have, by tailoring their harvesting, processing and drying methods whilst remaining true to their own traditions, some of the most exciting coffees in the world are produced. 


Once our coffee has been expertly roasted, releasing each coffees cleanness, sweetness, acidity and complexity is the next step. Just like coffee farmers, baristas are educated experts in their field and thats why many of our most memorable coffee experiences happen outside of the home. 


When it comes to coffee, education is everything, we’ve designed some short and simple tutorials on how to get the most out of the great tasting coffee we’ve sourced. For each brew method we’ll help you ‘unleash the dragon’ by sharing some simple tips and tricks to enhance the process.

Each of our coffees provides a completely different character in the cup, from our single origin limited edition coffees to our caffeine bursting Raging Dragon. Our vision is to help you experience some of the best characters and flavours available in the world of coffee by increasing the quality of the coffee you drink on a daily basis. As great as one night stands are; when it comes to coffee we want a long term relationship, waking up to a Fat Dragon will be a morning to remember and not one to forget.