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Y Ddraig Dew

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Y Ddraig Dew is our signature speciality coffee filter blend, crafted and roasted in the Welsh Valleys to showcase the unique combination of flavour that 3 single origin coffees have to offer when they are combined.


Through a filter, this coffee offers juicy acidity, with notes of bergamot and apricot along with hints of chocolate and caramel in the finish.


As an espresso, this coffee offers punchier flavour notes with a great balance of acidity, sweetness and body, a vibrant fruit flavour and a bold chocolatey finish.


Rwanda, Rulindo - 87.50

Owner: Cooperatively Owned

Rich muscovado sugar, red apple and candied citrus.


Rio Magdalena , Colombia - 84.50

Owner: Edward Rojas

Orange, chocolate, raisin, & caramel.


Fazenda Fortaleza - Brazil - 84.50

Owner: Grasiela & Djalma Maris

Red fruits, plum, caramel, & praline.