Fat Dragon Coffee

The Fat Dragon Special Edition Set

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Explore Fat Dragon Coffees three genres of coffee in this special edition set, featuring our resident house Fat and Raging Dragon along with our own Speciality blend, Y Ddraig Dew.

Our Dragons are expertly sourced and roasted to bring you some of the best flavours our Worlds coffee producing countries have to offer. With each origin, processing method and coffee varietal delivering distinctively different flavours and character in the cup, your experience of drinking coffee at home will be taken to new heights.

 The Fat Dragon; This is Fat Dragons house blend, sourced from South America. This coffee is as hearty as your national anthem being sung in a stadium of seventy thousand, as hearty as Rocky Balboa beating Ivan Drago in Rocky IV when all the odds were against him…this isn’t just coffee, this is Fat Dragon Coffee. This dragon is wonderfully bright and fruity, with notes of toffee and almond. In the cup the coffee has a complex juicy body, one that some would say rivals Kim K. It has great sweetness throughout and subtle notes of dark chocolate in the finish, making it great as an espresso as well as its ability to cut through milk for your perfect cappuccino and latte. 

The Raging Dragon; This is Fat Dragons 100% washed Robusta, the first thing that comes to mind when you read Robusta? Bitter? Well we’ve worked hard to bring you something different! 100% washed Robusta means we’ve taken away that bitter edge and left you with a smooth and creamy dragon with great body and a dark chocolate finish. Robusta naturally gives you that caffeine hit we all crave, you know those days when even your coffee needs a coffee? That typical Monday morning feeling, well this is the coffee to put an end to that. This dragon tastes great with milk as it has the ability to cut through it and still retain that coffee hit. This is the cup of coffee you’ll only need one of but you’ll have 3 because it tastes that good  

Y Ddraig Dew; Our signature speciality blend, crafted and roasted in the Welsh Valleys to showcase the unique combination of flavour that these 3 single origin coffees has to offer.

Through a filter, this coffee offers juicy acidity, with notes of bergamot and apricot along with hints of chocolate and caramel in the finish.

As an espresso, this coffee offers punchier flavour notes with a great balance of acidity, sweetness and body, a vibrant fruit flavour and a bold chocolatey finish.

 Choose your grind; Whole bean for those who have access to a coffee grinder/bean to cup machine, or Omni-Grind for those who require coffee pre-ground.