Fat Dragon Coffee

The Fat Dragon

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Fat Dragon's house blend, sourced from South America. This coffee is as hearty as your national anthem being sung in a stadium of seventy thousand or as hearty as Rocky Balboa beating Ivan Drago in Rocky IV when all the odds were against him…this isn’t just coffee, this is Welsh Coffee. With notes of toffee and almond, this coffee is wonderfully bright and fruity. In the cup the coffee has a complex juicy body, one that some would say rivals Kimmie K's. This medium roast coffee has great sweetness throughout and subtle notes of dark chocolate in the finish, making it great as an espresso as well as giving it the ability to cut through milk to create the perfect cappuccino or latte. 


Tasting Notes:

Toffee, Almond, Dark Chocolate

Origin: Colombia
Elevation: 1200m-1800m
Variety: Bourbon
Quantity: 227g