Fat Dragon Coffee

El Rincon, Colombia - Single Origin Coffee Discovery Series

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The Fat Dragon Single Origin Coffee Discovery Series - El Rincon, Colombia

Sourced from Colombia’s best coffee producing region, Huila, this semi-washed Caturra bean has been shaped by the surrounding lush forests, rich fertile soil and microclimates that surround it.

The El Rincon farm owned by Jhon Jairo Varon Paya has produced a coffee with a medium to smooth body, notes of sweet chocolate, sugar cane, yellow and exotic fruit acidity.

The Fat Dragon recommended recipe:

Filter: 19g per 330ml

Espresso: 21g in, 43g out

Tasting Notes:

Sweet Chocolate, Sugar Cane, Yellow Fruit `acidity

Origin: Huila, Colombia
Elevation: 1755 MASL
Variety: Yellow Bourbon/Caturra
Process: Semi-Washed
Quantity: 250g