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Buriso Amaje, Ethiopia - Single Origin Coffee Discovery Series

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The Fat Dragon Single Origin Coffee Discovery Series - Ethiopia, Buriso Amaje

Named after farm owner Buriso, who is leading local farms in the Sidama region into speciality coffee. The farm is young, and only have finances to be able to use the natural process method, which is fine by us as it tastes incredible! Black forest gateau straight away, as it cools more like a mango/papaya soft sweetness and floral tones.

Buriso is strict on his cherry selection, ensuring that the coffee is as high quality as possible. The coffee is processed and dried at Buriso’s family home. Like many small producers in Ethiopia, Buriso is still producing only
natural coffee, since that is the tradition and they don’t have access to a pulping machine

The Fat Dragon recommended recipe:

Filter: 21g per 330ml

Espresso: 21g in, 45g out

This coffee is best enjoyed without milk due to its floral notes.

Tasting Notes:

Earl Grey, Papaya, Black Forest Gateau

Origin: Sidima, Ethiopia
Elevation: 2050 MASL
Variety: Selected wild varietals (74158 & 74160)
Process: Natural
Quantity: 250g