Fat Dragon Coffee

Organic Jesus Lemus Leon, Honduras - Single Origin Coffee Discovery Series

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The Fat Dragon Single Origin Coffee Discovery Series - Organic Jesus Lemus Leon, Honduras

The El Mandarino farm located in the Gualame area of Corquin, Honduras is known for its great growing conditions and exceptional cup quality. Owned by Jesus Lemus Leon, production is focused around micro-lots and now 90% of the farm's production is made up of such lots. Jesus takes great pride in showcasing the great complexity of his coffees, combining natural acidity and sweetness as a result of the prolonged ripening at the farm. Fruitiness and further complexity are added by immaculate processing methods.

This IHCAFE 90 variety is taken to Aruco Coop where it is floated, pulped and fermented for 12-18 hours before being dried on raised beds in a solar drier for 12-16 days.

The Fat Dragon recommended recipe:

Filter: 18g per 330ml

Espresso: 21g in, 42g out

Tasting Notes:

Lemon Pie, Mandarin, Sweet Honey Finish

Origin: Copan, Honduras
Elevation: 1350 MASL
Variety: IHCAFE 90
Process: Washed
Quantity: 250g